Phase 1 of the Custom Home Building Process | Pre-construction

Whichever beginning stage you might currently be at in the process of building a new home, we will start where it makes sense for you. Whether you need help locating and finding your perfect lot, starting the floor plan process if you don't have one already, we take everything into account and help guide you through the process. Below is an outline of the full process.


    No matter your price range, we all have a budget.  We will connect you with our local preferred lending specialist or you may already have one.  We will confirm that budget with a preapproval so the following meetings go off without a hitch!


    Where do you work?  Where do you play?  Do you want that view on the hill, or a tree covered back yard?  Or all of the above?  These are some of the questions we answer when finding that perfect piece of land to build your custom home. 


    You will sit down with our custom home specialist and home designer and we will take your plan from a napkin, a sketch you have been working on yourself, or start with one of our own plans.  We will start developing your dream home on paper including all the details you want in the home.  We will also decide house placement on your land during this time.


    With your floor plan and specifications completed in the above meetings, a formal solid cost of your home is delivered.  Once approved, these plans are sent to your lender, as well as any applicable HOA or ARC for subdivision approval.  We also order your soils test and engineer your foundation during this time.


    We sit down one last time prior to your construction loan closing and review your custom home plans and details to capture any last minute minor changes to have the details and all your questions answered.  We of course understand that you will have future changes during construction, but as your custom home builder we like to finalize as much detail and ask and answer all the right questions prior to construction.


    Once your lender receives your appraisal and finalizes your construction loan, the title company will set your construction loan closing date.  Once this loan closes, and we have ARC/HOA approval and any necessary city/county permits, we are ready to begin construction!!

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Phase 2 of the Custom Home Building Process | Construction

Breath-taking elegance? Inspired design? Passionate excellence? YES, YES and YES. —But there’s more at GCH. The “special sauce” is in our dedication to a GENUINE and supportive approach to the entire homebuilding process. At GCH we believe we’re building more than just homes, we’re building relationships! Genuine Custom Homes knows the best customer experience is simply a result of proper planning. A positive result simply evolves from a collaborative process including the customer, builder, designer, and lender all working toward a common goal. We create an environment where each person's expertise can be utilized to insure the absolute best result and often the most innovative and cost-effective solution. So no matter your architectural preference, your confidence will know no bounds.


    You will experience a state of the art interior design gallery full of great selections from your exterior stone, stucco, and paint choices to your interior tile, granite, and cabinet selections.  We have spent countless hours researching and have found the best design center to assist you in making your one of a kind finish selections.  This is definitely a time to get excited and involved in placing your personal touch on your dream home!


    You thought this day wouldn’t happen – but here it is!  After all of our important planning together, we are starting your foundation of your new home!  This is when you sit back, relax, and watch us in action.  We will of course still be in communication, however this is the time to enjoy the process, take pictures, and maybe even have a “foundation party” once it is poured!


    Next stage is one of the most exciting steps... Construction! You will see your foundation begin to take shape as the forms, fill and concrete start to flow. You can expect considerably more calls, pictures, emails or texts (your preference) throughout each stage of the building process. Sometimes it's a quick FaceTime chat or a daily call to keep you up-to-date or simply address questions or prepare you for what's next… We understand the building process can be emotionally charged at times. Keeping the lines of communication open are just one of the many differences with GCH.


    You will meet with your custom home builder throughout construction at specific intervals like electrical, pre-drywall and other planned meetings as needed.  Also throughout construction 3rd party engineers and inspectors will be reviewing work completed and signing off their approval.  While we strive for our best every day watching construction, another set of eyes is important and we invite 3rd party inspections as part of our team to deliver the best product possible.  We welcome any additional 3rd party inspectors you may contract as well.  At Genuine Custom Homes, we have nothing to hide behind our walls.

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Phase 3 of the Custom Home Building Process | After Construction

Congratulations, and welcome home! Only Genuine Custom Homes gives you one-stop service and support from the industry leading experts. No compromises. No red tape. We only work with the leading Designers, Engineers, Lenders and Construction professionals. Schedule a visit today and we’ll guarantee to increase your knowledge, and overall confidence in building your next home. Because Genuine only builds custom homes, the quality and service, (in fact) the entire experience is exactly what you would expect it to be. Discover how easy it is to BUILD a GENUINE Custom Home!


    When you purchase the home of your dreams, peace of mind should be automatic.  Genuine Custom Homes delivers a great warranty service program.  We have contracted with ProHome, which will be involved from your final walk through prior to closing and will be available for your first full year of home ownership including 24/7 for any type of emergency that may arise or for the simple plug that may stop working.  ProHome is an independent third party warranty service company so you get the outside point of view on any issues in the event they arise.  Of course you can always call your builder direct to ask any questions you may have after moving in, but we think this outside point of view is peace of mind for our home owners.


    This warranty period includes coverage of all major mechanicals including electrical, HVAC, and plumbing.  After this 2 year period you will still have various manufacturer warranties as well but will contact the contractor/manufacturer directly.


    This 10 year warranty term includes structural coverage on your foundation and framing through Bonded Builders warranty program.  Again, peace of mind is second to none.